RHYTHM + TYPING. Strike keys to the procedural beat as it grows more and more complex. Can you type in 7/4?

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 41, and got 9th place in the compo! Works best in Chrome. Works okay in Firefox. Might not work in Internet Explorer at all.

It's hard. Too hard. Hard even for me — I can't touch type. If you make it through a single section of 7/4, consider yourself a master.

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Known Issues:

  • The music is pretty dreary, I know. A hypothetical future version would have beautiful music. Imagine that version as you play.
  • The occasional note isn't getting played. Think of it as... an extra challenge!
  • As the BPM increases to about 150 or so, the synchronization to the keyboard gets WAY OFF. I don't expect most players to get that far anyway. Think of it as... a broken game!
  • Sometimes the synth will audibly POP and the melody will stop playing. Just restart and try again... seems to happen more commonly on Macs?
  • Long words (10+ letters) may not completely fit on the screen. This is what I was working on when 9 PM rolled around.
  • Tone.js, the library I use to generate music, occasionally crashes. I don't know why. It shouldn't happen too often; just refresh and try again!
  • Some people might have bad sync between the sound and key presses. I didn't test this on very many machines (one).

Stuff I Would Add Were I To Keep Working On It, Which I Probably Won't:

  • Better music: proper melodies and harmonies instead of the random crap it's spewing out now
  • Give the player a life back if they get through a section without making a mistake
  • More dynamic difficulty scaling
  • A better, larger word list
  • Some kind of reward for perfect accuracy
  • An overall graphical upgrade
  • Get rid of Tone.js for something else


  • Yotam Mann for Tone.js... well, half thanks. It has some issues that I had to work around. But it was free, so actually let's make that a full thanks again.
  • Huerta Tipográfica for the font I use, Cambo. I spent about 90 seconds picking it out, but I like it!
  • Josh Kaufman for the word list
  • Nic Mulvaney and Tim Down for code snippets of theirs I found online
  • You, for playing my game and reading all this crap
AuthorTom Quinn
TagsExperimental, Ludum Dare 41, mashup, typing
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


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I really want to enjoy this game, but I find that my keyboard has an input delay... meaning I have to adjust when I type to be at awkward times, and it's very precise... honestly I love the concept, but an easier fix to this, is to adjust the timing buffer, make it so that rather then having to type exactly in time, and have a scoring system like ddr, where the timing buffer is more lenient, but you get more points for perfect time or something... Either way, great game!